The Top Three Reasons We Don’t Want Kids

International Childfree Dayby Kaye Walters

We are selfish, we hate kids, and our growth is stunted. These are some reasons that parents think the childfree don’t want children. But they are sadly mistaken. Yes, there are nonparents who truly hate kids and/or who want to shirk responsibility in life, but these are a small percentage. In an unprecedented worldwide Kidfree Survey of over 4,800 nonparents, I asked respondents, “Why don’t you want children?” Here are the top three reasons they give for not wanting to procreate: Continue reading

One of my Favorite Childfree People

International Childfree Day

by Laura Carroll

Some of the best nominations we have received for the Childfree Man & Woman of the Year are dear friends of the nominators. Since I am on the Selection Panel for the 2015 Childfree Man & Woman of the Year, I can’t nominate who I’d like to see win, but if I could, I would nominate my friend, Paula Trehearne (left). Continue reading