Announcing International Childfree Day

Call for Nominations for Childfree Woman & Man of the Year!

On August 1, 1973, the non-profit organization, National Organization for Non-Parents (NON), celebrated Non-Parents Day by awarding a Female and Male National Non-Parent of the Year. Later known as the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood (NAOP), it existed from 1972-1982 with a mission to “educate the public on non-parenthood as a valid lifestyle option.”

Forty years later….…childfree writers and bloggers Laura Carroll, Marcia Drut-Davis, Eric and Patricia Yvette, Amy and Lance Blackstone think it’s high time to resurrect this “Day,” now calling it International Childfree Day!

Today we’d like to announce August 1st as International Childfree Day, and begin the call for nominations for the 2013 Childfree Woman and Man of the Year!

May this first International Childfree Day be the start of an annual recognition of amazing childfree people and their lives, and serve as a wonderful way to foster the acceptance of the childfree choice in today’s society.

Please join us!

2 thoughts on “Announcing International Childfree Day

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  2. Congratulations to this years winners. As a woman who faced the wrath of society after being interviewed about my choosing the childfree lifestyle on “60 MInutes” I applaud those who stand up and say they are childfree by choice.
    A lot has changed since I “came out” in 1974. A lot remains to be done to take away the ignorant perceptions of childfree people being selfish or irresponsible. It’s wonderful seeing all the books and articles available now!
    And we have a lot more to do. I still get letters from people shocked at the reactions from family, friends and co-workers if they dare say they embrace the childfree lifestyle. We never say all should never have children! We do say it’s not for everyone and truth should be known, not myths.
    Enjoy this day with pride and confidence.
    Marcia Drut-Davis
    Author, “Confessions of a Childfree Woman”

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