Prominent People Who Passed on Procreating Part I

kidfreelovingitKaye Walters book, Kidfree & Lovin It! has a great chapter titled, “You Are Not Alone: Prominent People Who Passed on Procreating.” Between now and the July 15 nomination deadline for the 2015 Childfree Man/Woman of the Year, we’ll share some of the people she has on her lists. Here’s 10 from the Actors/Celebrities list:

Bob Barker, former TV game show host, animal activist, philanthropist

Kathy Bates, actor, film director

Jacqueline Bisset, actor

Delta Burke, actor, producer, clothing designer, author

Raymond Burr (1917-1993), Canadian-born actor

Stockard Channing, actor

Julie Christie, British actor

John Cusack, actor

Patti Reagan Davis, actor, author, daughter of former president Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan

Ralph Fiennes, English actor

Quentin Tarantino, film director, screenwriter, producer

Who’s one of your favorite actors/celebrities who has passed on procreating?

One thought on “Prominent People Who Passed on Procreating Part I

  1. As the 2014 proud recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award in the international childfree movement, I know the importance of building a supportive environment and community for living this CF lifestyle. For myself and what I had to endure after “coming out” on “60 Minutes” in 1974, I rally to educate that no person be condemned for this personal choice. No person should have to face death threats, lose a job and fear outrage for suggesting life can be wonderful without having or raising children. No person should ever feel embarrassed or “less than” for not wanting children. Share your choice with pride. Nominate yourself or anyone you feel is deserving of this honor.
    Marcia Drut-Davis, “Confessions of a Childfree Woman”

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