Mary Astell: A Life With No Children in the 1600s

by Rachel Chrastil, Ph.D

London, 1694. At age twenty-eight, Mary Astell held a distinct vision for the life well lived. In her Serious Proposal to the Ladies, Astell proposed that unmarried women seek their spiritual and intellectual improvement in dedicated institutions.

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10 Days to Go! Deadline for Nominations: July 22nd

childfree man woman of the year
If you have someone in mind that you’d like to nominate for the 2017 Childfree Man / Woman of the Year, do it now! 

Deadline for Nominations is July 22nd 

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Winners will be announced on August 1, International Childfree Day!

Founders Who Did Not Have Children

J.O. Raber’s book, Famous – But No Children, has great lists of people from history who did not have children. We have featured some of his lists here; to add to them, here is a list of “Founders” who did not have children: Continue reading