No Kids in Pre-Revolutionary France: Louise Le Mace

seamstress (2)by Rachel Chrastil

I find inspiration in both famous childfree people and the less-sung individuals who created meaningful lives for themselves without children. We sometimes find them in unexpected times and places. One such person is an ordinary woman from pre-revolutionary France who had no children – a skilled tailor named Louise Le Mace. Continue reading

Men Without Children in History: Part 1

Laura LaVoieby Laura LaVoie, 2015 Childfree Woman of the Year

In my work for The NotMom, I get to research and write about NotMoms from history. I was able to dive deeply in to the esoteric life of Pamela Coleman Smith. Then I took the WayBack machine to explore the life of Hypatia of Alexandria. And I have a pretty neat article coming soon on a historical NotMom in a slightly more contemporary setting. Continue reading