Inspired Childfree Living: The Importance of Having a Childfree Role Model

that girlby Laura S. Scott

When I was writing my book, Two Is Enough: A Couples Guide to Living Childless by Choice, I reflected on my early role models for childfree living. I was what I call an early articulator. I knew in my early teens that I didn’t want children but I didn’t have a lot of role models for that life decision-making in my neighborhood, or in my family. However, I did have a TV and there I could find a number of really inspiring role models who appeared to be without children and were apparently quite happy to remain so. Continue reading

No Kids in Pre-Revolutionary France: Louise Le Mace

seamstress (2)by Rachel Chrastil

I find inspiration in both famous childfree people and the less-sung individuals who created meaningful lives for themselves without children. We sometimes find them in unexpected times and places. One such person is an ordinary woman from pre-revolutionary France who had no children – a skilled tailor named Louise Le Mace. Continue reading