On the Childfree Leaving a Legacy

legacyby Dann Alexander

One of the many things people say to childfree people involves claiming they are not leaving a legacy because of their choice to have no children. The truth is, the very idea of needing to leave some sort of legacy is subjective to each person. Leaving a legacy can mean contributing positively to society.

Most people would agree that by making a difference to others and/or the world creates a legacy. Having children is just one way of many to leave a legacy. It can mean living a good life, living as you desire, and inspiring others along the way. The bottom line: You define what legacy means to you, and if leaving one is important to you, do what it takes to make your legacy a reality!

Another comment the childfree receive from others has to do with their will and estate planning. Who do they leave things to if they have no children? It’s a fair question, and many childfree people think a lot about this. Despite what society tells us, it is not necessary to become a parent just to have someone around to inherit your possessions. Many childfree might make the choice to leave their estate to a niece or nephew. I’ve known some people who will leave their estate to the children of close friends. There are many instances of people leaving their estates to a favorite charity with the goal it sell off the assets to raise money. No matter what your situation, you always consider contacting legal counsel to assist you with estate planning matters.

One thing for sure, as a childfree person, you will never have to worry about your children possibly fighting over your possessions when you are gone!

Do you know a childfree person who has left a great legacy? Nominate him/her for 2015 Childfree Woman/Man of the Year!

Dann Alexander is the 2014 Childfree Man of the Year, and the author of Planned UnParenthood Creating A Life Without Procreating. The book is available through Amazon and other online retailers worldwide.  Follow Dann on Twitter @WriterDann

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      There are people who lived thousands of years ago who are not remembered for procreation….Lady Peseshet was the first (or one of the first) recorded female doctors, for example; Hippocrates, Sappho etc. aren’t remembered for brats either.

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