Famous No Kids People
Famous Architects Who Had No Children

Famous Architects Who Had No Children

Here is another list of some great people from history who did not have children from J.O. Raber’s new book, Famous – But No ChildrenThis one highlights famous people in the field of architecture:

Marion Lucy Mahony Griffin: Artist, architect; worked for Frank Lloyd Wright

Walter Burley Griffin: International architect; designed Canberra (Capitol of Australia)

Thomas Hastings: Architect: “Carrère and Hastings” (built NY library)

Ralph Knott: Architect who built the Edwardian Baroque style County Hall, London

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Architect and painter Scotland, England

Edgar A. Tafel: Award winning architect, designed churches, college campuses

George Wightwick: Prominent English architect and architectural journalist

Can you add to this list?

Next, come lists of artists, athletes, fashion designers, and more!

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