Famous No Kids People
Famous Artists From History Who Had No Children

Famous Artists From History Who Had No Children

Continuing the great lists of famous people from history who did not have children from J.O. Raber’s new book, Famous – But No Children, this one highlights artists…and there are many!

Jean Béraud: French Impressionist painter
William Blake: English artist, engraver, poet
Rosa Bonheur: French painter of animals
Michelangelo Buonarroti: Italian Renaissance artist; painted ceiling of Sistine Chapel
Reuben Bussey: English artist, oils, watercolors, sketches, portraits and landscapes
Mary Cassatt: American impressionist painter
Nicholas Chevalier: Russian born painter, lithographer, lived in Australia and Europe
Edgar Degas: French impressionist painter; sculptor
Donatello (Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi): Italian sculptor
Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden: American botanical artist, author, illustrator
Albrecht Durer: German painter, print maker, mathematician
Thomas Eakins: American artist, realism: figures and portraits
Kate Greenaway: British artist, illustrator, author of verse
Paul Grimm: Painter of desert scenes and American Indian portraits
Edith Heath: American ceramicist, founder of Heath Ceramics
Grace Carpenter Hudson: American portrait painter of Pomo Indian children
E.J. Hughes: Canadian artist, painted Canadian landscapes
International Childfree DayFrida Kahlo: Mexican painter influenced by indigenous cultures
Amalia Kussner: American artist; miniature portraits of prominent people
Maria Lassnig: Austrian artist, avant-garde human forms
Emanuele Luzzati: Artist, film animator, stage set designer, illustrated children’s books
Agnes Martin: American-Canadian artist, abstract expressionist
Piet Mondrian: Dutch painter, founder of the neoplastic movement
Edvard Munch: Norwegian expressionist painter, most famous for The Scream
Paul Nash: British painter of war themes and surreal seaside landscapes
Georgia O’Keeffe: American painter
Edward Henry Potthast: American impressionist artist
Nicolas Poussin: French-Italian painter
Qigong a.k.a. Qi Gong: Renowned Chinese calligrapher, artist, painter
Man Ray: American artist, Dada movement
Sir Joshua Reynolds: 18th century English portrait painter
James Rizzi: American pop artist, official artist for 1996 summer Olympics
Theodore Rousseau: French landscape painter
Amalie Seckbach German holocaust artist, painter, sculptress, died in concentration camp
Jean Tabaud: French portrait and landscape artist; ballet dancer
Ralph Thompson: English painter and illustrator of animals Myrtle Tremblay: American watercolor artist
Leonardo da Vinci: Italian renaissance man: painter, inventor, scientist, anatomist
Andy Warhol: American pop artist icon
Eli Marsden Wilson: English etcher, engraver, painter

These are just some of the many artists who did not procreate, but sure did Create! Thanks, J.O. for such great research!

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      You could add French poet Arthur Rimbaud who had no known children,
      Van Gogh didn’t in fact he only had a woman, already encint by another man.

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