One of my Favorite Childfree People
Paula Trehearne, age 80!

One of my Favorite Childfree People

by Laura Carroll

Some of the best nominations we have received for the Childfree Man & Woman of the Year are dear friends of the nominators. Since I am on the Selection Panel, I can’t nominate who I’d like to see win, but if I could, I would nominate my friend, Paula Trehearne.

At age 80, she has no children by choice. Here are just some of the great things about Paula:

She’s a successful entrepreneur.

Before she retired some years ago, Paula had a very successful interior design business.

She volunteers in areas of her passions. 

She has been very involved in the Art Deco Society of California for many years. Paula has volunteered as a walking tour guide, event planner and more for this organization. She has also fought to preserve art deco architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area including testifying at hearings on behalf of saving wonderful art deco buildings.

Paula also has a love of fashion (especially art deco fashion), and has served as a volunteer for the organization, Bloom, (formerly Image for Success), where she has helped many men get their professional wardrobe together (she only dresses the men – smart gal!) The photo you see of her above is from the 2018 Image for Success awards event.

What a globe trotter!

She has traveled extensively around the world – A recent trip was touring Scotland on the infamous Belmond Royal Scotsman train.

She’s a model for the childfree community.

Paula has always lived her life on her own terms, even in a time years ago when not becoming a mother was seen as very strange.

Paula is charismatic, and she touches the hearts of everyone she meets and befriends.

She is truly a childfree gem!

Do you know an amazing childfree person?

Nominate him/her now! Deadline for nominations is July 22nd~


*Post updated June 2018*

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