Let the 2015 Nominations Begin!

International Childfree DayIt’s time for the nominations for the 2015 Childfree Man & Woman of the Year winners to begin! 

Here are nomination details:

  • Nominees have no children by choice.
  • Nominees are people nominators know or are acquainted with personally or professionally.
  • Self-nominations are also accepted.

Step 1

Please answer these questions about your nominee:

1. What about your nominee as a person makes him/her a candidate for Childfree Woman/Man of the Year?

2. What about your nominee’s life makes him/her a candidate for Childfree Woman/ Man of the Year? For example, what accomplishments, contributions to others or the world are exemplary to award him/her Childfree Woman/Man of the Year?

3. How would you say your nominee has contributed to the acceptance of the childfree choice in society today?

Step 2 Email your answers, along with your nominee’s email address HERE (lauralcarroll88@gmail.com).

Spread the Word! The deadline for nomination submissions is July 15th, 2015.

Winners will be announced on August 1, International Childfree Day!

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