Prominent People Who Passed on Procreating Part II

Adding to some of the actors/celebrities who passed on procreating that Kaye Walters lists in her book, Kidfree & Lovin It! , here are nine from the Musicians list:

Louis Andriessen – Dutch composer, pianist, teacher of composition

Debbie Harry (Blondie) – Singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer, actor

Franz Shubert (1797-1828)- Austrian composer (almost 1,000 works)

Stevie Nicks – Singer-songwriter (Fleetwood Mac)

Robert Smith – Singer-songwriter (lead singer of The Cure)

Bonnie Raitt – Blues-rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, political activist

Robert Fripp – British guitarist (King Crimson), composer, producer

Dwight Yoakum – Country singer-songwriter, actor, film director

Do you know of others?

The deadline to nominate the Childfree Man and/or Woman of the Year is July 15th – Nominate who you like to see win today!

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