Yes, We Really Do Mean You and Your Nomination!

Yes, We Really Do Mean You and Your Nomination!

by Margaret O’Connor

Last year I was deeply touched to be awarded the Childfree Person of the Year award, and to read the very kind words the nominators wrote about me. I also felt honoured to highlight the work being done in Ireland and to hopefully show people on this side of the world that a childfree life isn’t just something people in other countries do anymore.

I must admit though, before I won and found out two people wanted to nominate me for this award, straight away I thought to myself, who was I to be seen as important, there must be others doing much more than me, no one knows who I am anyway, etc. Despite all my years of personal development work and therapy, that negative voice is still there. Thankfully, I am generally able to not listen to it anymore.

As much as you might resonate with this feeling, during this year’s nomination period I encourage you to think about these questions: Is there a person or group you know or are personally acquainted with who:

~ Has inspired you with their own story or acts of awareness raising when it comes to the childfree life?

~ Has made you feel a sense of connection and understanding which can be so hard to find as a childfree person?

~ Deserves recognition for the work she/he/they are doing to make the world a more inclusive, understanding place for childfree people?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, don’t let any kind of ‘inner critic’ tell you nominating someone or a group is for other people to do! Everyone in the childfree community is sincerely invited to submit their nominations for the Childfree Person and Group of the Year right now, and we need you to let us know who you think is most deserving this year.

We all know how important recognition for our achievements is, and how hard it can be for the achievements of childfree people to be celebrated in a pronatalist world. Let’s make sure no one goes unnoticed!

Also, if you yourself feel you deserve to be nominated, don’t be shy; self-nominations are accepted!  This is your chance to shine, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.  

These awards celebrate childfree people around the world, and your contribution is wonderful way to keep the great global childfree community growing!


Margaret is a counsellor and psychotherapist in Ireland, and specialises in working with people who are unsure if they want to have children or not, as well as those creating their childfree lives. Margaret was deeply honoured to be awarded Childfree Person of the Year in 2021.

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