Marcia Drut-Davis: Winner of the 2014 Lifetime Childfree Contribution Award

International Childfree DayThis year the Selection Panel voted to give a Lifetime Childfree Contribution Award to a very special member of the childfree community: Marcia-Drut-Davis. 

International Childfree DayMarcia is a pioneer of the childfree lifestyle. For the last 40 years, she has fought tirelessly to make people aware that there is a choice to not have children. Her passionate quest to make the childfree lifestyle an accepted and respected choice has quite the story.

From 1974-1977 she was the President of the first chapter of NON (The National Organization for Non Parents, which later became NAOP, the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood) on Long Island. In 1974, she lost the job she loved (teaching children), lost friends, and was persecuted after being interviewed on 60 Minutes about the choice to have no children. She even faced death threats and picket lines when she spoke on this topic. But she has never wavered in her goals to tell the truth, fight pronatalism and extol the beauty of child-freedom.

Her memoir of these events and more, Confessions of a Childfree Woman: A Life Spent Swimming Against Mainstream, details her struggles to help younger women and men understand and make this life-choice if it is right for them. Readers have called her book inspirational, moving and thought provoking.

Now at 71, she has contributed much to the acceptance of the childfree choice in society today. She has been a leader and mentor to the childfree community for many years, and continues to foster and encourage that community for social change. And because of her, many people have found a loving community of childfree people.

Just this year, she fought an even greater battle, attacking the cancer within her with all her strength. She has completed her treatment and won that battle.

Now, Marcia can continue to spread the word about the childfree life. She feels there’s still too much for her to do to make it known and respected, starting with young people. She’s determined to have the childfree lifestyle be included as required instruction as part of parenthood education in our educational system.

Marcia is a feisty, dedicated and loving woman, who has been a ‘beacon’ of sorts for those still figuring out this lifestyle choice. She has fearlessly lived her childfree life, and never backed down in silence. Her presence has encouraged many childfree people to do the same – to speak out and not be fearful of making and living this life choice to its fullest.

Here’s to Marcia!

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