Founders Who Did Not Have Children

Founders Who Did Not Have Children

J.O. Raber’s book, Famous – But No Children, has great lists of people from history who did not have children. We have featured some of his lists here; to add to them, here is a list of “Founders” who did not have children:

Clarissa “Clara” Barton: Founded the American Red Cross

Charles Joseph Bonaparte: US Atty-General under Teddy Roosevelt; Founded FBI

Salvatore Capezio: Famous shoemaker; Founder of Capezio ballet shoes

Jim E. Casey: Founded United Parcel Service

Carrie Chapman Catt: Founder of League of Women Voters

Eugene Victor Debs: Union organizer, Founded Int’l Workers of the World

Hans Fantel: Founding editor of Stereo Review; columnist for NY Times

Stephen Girard: Philanthropist, Founder of Girard College

Hermann Gmeiner: Founder of SOS Children’s Villages for orphaned children

Milton S. Hershey: Famous candy maker; Founder of Hershey Chocolate Company

Johns Hopkins: Founder of Johns Hopkins University and Hospital

Juliette Gordon Low: Founder of the Girl Scouts of America

Alice Stokes Paul: Suffragist who founded National Women’s Party

Check out Famous – But No Children for others and more great lists.

Speaking of founders, back in 2013, Laura Carroll gathered a group of childfree authors and bloggers together to found International Childfree Day. Now we are five years running!

Of course, there are many childfree who may not have “founded” something but who are amazing — We bet you know at least one…don’t hesitate to nominate him/her for the 2017 Childfree Man/Woman of the Year!

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