Founders Who Did Not Have Children

J.O. Raber’s book, Famous – But No Children, has great lists of people from history who did not have children. We have featured some of his lists here; to add to them, here is a list of “Founders” who did not have children: Continue reading

Men Without Children in History: Part 2

poeby Laura LaVoie, 2015 Childfree Woman of the Year

Following from my Part 1 of Men Without Children in History, here are a few more amazing men in history who didn’t have children. Like the others I have written about, while it is nearly impossible to tell if these men were NotDads by choice, it is an interesting look into the minds that developed our modern world. Continue reading

No Kids in Pre-Revolutionary France: Louise Le Mace

seamstress (2)by Rachel Chrastil

I find inspiration in both famous childfree people and the less-sung individuals who created meaningful lives for themselves without children. We sometimes find them in unexpected times and places. One such person is an ordinary woman from pre-revolutionary France who had no children – a skilled tailor named Louise Le Mace. Continue reading

Men Without Children in History: Part 1

Laura LaVoieby Laura LaVoie, 2015 Childfree Woman of the Year

In my work for The NotMom, I get to research and write about NotMoms from history. I was able to dive deeply in to the esoteric life of Pamela Coleman Smith. Then I took the WayBack machine to explore the life of Hypatia of Alexandria. And I have a pretty neat article coming soon on a historical NotMom in a slightly more contemporary setting. Continue reading